Monday, August 27, 2012

Relationship blogs that I recommend

Understanding men better

  • The Rules Revisited - Accurate and fair without mincing words.
  • What Women Never Hear - You have to get used to his style of writing. Very formal, maybe a little bible-thumping in tonality. If you get past that, there are certain posts that are really insightful and thought-provoking
  • Manslations (last post was in July 2009) -- but the archives are worth reading. His book was fun, too. The humor was a little forced at times, like he was trying too hard to be funny. Some chapters at the end seemed a little like "filler." All you really needed to know was within the first few chapters -- P.S. If you read through his archives, you don't really need to buy his book.

Understanding the male-female dynamic better

Understanding "players" better

  • Chateau Heartiste - Not really sure most women want to know this stuff about men nor how this group of men think about women. However, some of the posts are damn accurate (e.g., how women treat women). Sometimes ignorance is bliss but I believe that knowledge is power. Please read for your own edification.

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