Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Personal experience on dating/LTR

My husband (at the time a young Ryan O'Neal lookalike) asked me to ELOPE with him after only dating me for six weeks. So basically, I was *ENGAGED* after six weeks of dating. However, I actually didn't get the ring until about 3 months later...and I didn't get around to planning the wedding until about 18 months later.
  • My first relationship, well, I don't really count it, lasted only a month (I was 19, gimme a break!) = Fling :) - I ended this
  • My second relationship lasted 4 years = LTR - I ended this
  • My  third relationship lasted 1 year = LTR - he ended this
  • My fourth relationship was my marriage, which, including dating, engagement, and marriage, lasted 11 years = LTR - I ended this
  • My fifth relationship, which recently ended, lasted 6 years = LTR - I ended this

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